Thursday, May 17, 2012

& today it beginzzz=')

&& so it beginzz.. today is the first day of DTS; 
man i really dont know how to explain where my heart is
right now lol 

how about =,)

im aniticipating what the lord has for this dts is gonna be amazing 
& i sit here in awe of the fact that GODs gonna move like no other

God be glorified by all of it.. its exciting because i know hes not just gonna do an awsome work with the students.. but in my life also.. this is what weve bin praying into. 

=,) COME HOLY SPIRIT & MAKE a HOME IN this school.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Encouraged by his LOVE & how deep & how wide it is for me 

"WARRIORz make noise when the silence is deadly"

Went hiking last Thursday morning with my friend/a dad/a mentor of mine/even a brother, TIM
was an awesome time of affirmationencouragement and revelation!!

The enemy will try and shut up those who the lords given them so much to say!! its not time to be quiet the lords called many to make so much noise..

SPEAK! now is that time AJ!!=)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Breaking the SILENCE of INFANTICIDE" art exhibit

there is a silence on infanticide that isnt necessary. 
at this art exhibit we used art to break the silence 
on infanticide.. many came in and many got out not the same

Infanticide is the intentional killing of a infant or baby.. we brang a voice to infanticide stories all around the world from Brazil, Ethiopia, India and even here in america!! we displayed a variety of heart breaking testimonies of this injustice that stirred the hearts of many,

the bottom picture is of the piece i did representing the beauty, purity and the fruit of a mothers calling. 


Bin praying for a lot of things  & a laptop is one of them
I want to thank my Cruise ohana for this awesome laptop
this most definetly lightens up alot of work for me..