Friday, February 17, 2012



MY2 Little brothers Calob(On the left) & Ethan(On the right) CERNY!!


In 2009 i took a discipleship training school with youth with a mission(YWAM). Calob & Ethans father Tim came to speak at my school about a Ministry out here in Kansas City ,MO. known as the "International House of Prayer"(IHOP). Tim had shared about a 24/7 Prayer room they had hear that was faithfully praying and worshiping the lord. It was at my school the Lord sparked a relationship between me and Tim

In December of 2009 I was invited to come to Kansas City for IHOP's annual confrence known as "One Thing" & guess who hosted me? Tim and his awsome Family! Then in the summer of 2010 i came back for "the Gathering" and there family hosted me again. I became Tim's "Samoan son". So since being back Ive connected with them a numerous amount of times just to be with my Cerny Family. lol

Tim had left for africa & his wife Katy had asked me to baby sit this past saturday! lol that night before katy left she had asked if i could help them with there "valentines" project for school & so this is a picture of my little brothers and there valentines boxes! lol hehe they were all kinds of proud of there box's!!

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